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Success Story: Amanda B. Johnson

June 1, 2017
Amanda B. Johnson is a true success story of the Dash treasury. Paid her contract fees exclusively by the Dash treasury, Amanda produces a series of videos and high profile interviews for the benefit of Dash. Her most recent interview of Erik Voorhees and his new exchange, Prism, caught the attention of many people in the crypto industry.

Not every proposal Amanda has put forth has passed, however. This last month, when she proposed a new higher budget video format, the Dash treasury masternode holders struck the idea down and made constructive suggestions on what they'd prefer. Within no time, Amanda produced a new, better proposal that the Dash treasury voters supported soundly. This was an excellent decision by both Amanda and the masternode voters, and it only could have happened in the Dash world.

Paid a mere 141 DSH per month after the reimbursements, Amanda provides astounding value. Acting as high profile spokesperson, video production team, and putting in the leg work to secure interview after interview, Amanda is the perfect example of how the Dash treasury fulfills a positive feedback loop. By expanding the audience that is educated on Dash's innovatons, Amanda has likely been responsible for the capture of many new Dash investors. How much of the rise from $10 to $140 came from people who first saw her videos? Is it possible that the Dash treasury's investment of $10000-20000k/month has resulted in hundreds of millions in gains to the Dash marketcap?

If you would like to write a Dash treasury success story, let us know! We believe that every passed proposal on the Dash treasury board should result in success. (Check out /r/DashTreasury for more discussion on this)

Budget Stats
Voting Deadline: 10 days
Payment date: Nov 2, 2017
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Available: $1,981,386