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Success Story: Bitcuners

June 9, 2017
DashTreasury.org is thrilled to showcase another incredible Dash Success Story. In the May 5 superblock, the Bitcuners were funded with 120 DASH, including proposal posting fees, to host an event in Cancun Mexico with the express objective of bringing Cancun merchants aboard Dash. As a hotbed of American tourism, and with the Mexican Peso losing tremendous value over the last year, the objective was solid.

Their proposal included precise details, including itemized expenditures that took a professional level of planning. The Bitcuners followed through with flying colors, which included city wide advertising, social media advertising, paid speakers, a radio appearance, a professional paid venue and a first class professional Dash presentation:

According to user JZA, Juan Galt and Frank Tocco were the speakers of the event. We congratulate and thank the Bitcuners for their tremendous event, and we extend any possible resources to them in their quest for the Dash takeover of Cancun. We can't wait to hear more stories from our beloved Bitcuners and the inroads they're making in real merchant adoption.

This is the path of progress that every local meetup should aspire to.

More information regarding the Bitcuners Dash progress can be found at: http://blog.bitcuners.org/post/159766625733/bitcuners-proposal

Budget Stats
Voting Deadline: 10 days
Payment date: Nov 2, 2017
Superblock: #764336
Approved: 18 of 29
Available: $1,981,386