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These listings have been posted for discussion and feedback prior to becoming officially submitted for consideration.

Market Research Report for Investment of DASH into Retirement Funds250.00 DSH (2 months)0/0
0000005.00 DSH (1 months)0/1
Ukrainian Dash Force News60.00 DSH (6 months)0/2
[PRE-PROPOSAL]: Dash 'Kuva' project - launching Dash in Zimbabwe565.67 DSH (3 months)0/2
Distributing dash and dash wallets in San Antonio and other parts of South Texas 4.00 DSH (1 months)1/0
Team Morocco For Dash School In Arabic And Local Promotion39.00 DSH (1 months)1/0
The Dash Hardware Wallet360.00 DSH (10 months)2/0
Targeted Merchant Outreach38.50 DSH (1 months)1/1
Let's connect Dash with the most influential EU decision makers 200.00 DSH (1 months)2/0
Professional Marketing Service For Dash75.00 DSH (6 months)1/1
DashStudio: Hollywood production of Dash Intro video90.00 DSH (1 months)1/1
Help family of four to finish tiny house9.00 DSH (2 months)0/3
Radiolab Adverts655.00 DSH (1 months)0/1
Separate the network layer from the vote layer5.00 DSH (1 months)1/0
Dash Community Update (Wide audience reach)20.00 DSH (2 months)2/0
Sponsorship and Re-branding of CSGO team.20.00 DSH (1 months)2/0
Creating content on Quora for exposure to early-adopters25.00 DSH (4 months)1/1
Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants82.75 DSH (1 months)0/1
DASH Google Adwords Campaign33.00 DSH (1 months)1/1
UI Design for Dash apps25.00 DSH (3 months)4/0
YouTube Series About Dash in Portuguese for the Brazilian Market25.00 DSH (2 months)2/0
Raising awareness of Dash amongst the UK's Business community135.00 DSH (4 months)1/0
Decreasing the masternode collateral to 100 Dash10.00 DSH (1 months)1/5
Introduction to Dash to my Youtube Audience45.00 DSH (1 months)3/0
How to spread and popularize DASH in France through conventional media52.00 DSH (4 months)0/3
Pre-proposal - Travel, Gain DASH and Support Charities1400.00 DSH (12 months)0/5
Dash Ad to increase amount of proposals25.00 DSH (1 months)2/1
"Evolutionary Women of Dash" PinUp Calendar55.00 DSH (4 months)0/4
Catchy Dash Rap Video35.00 DSH (1 months)5/1

Budget Stats
Voting Deadline: 10 days
Payment date: Nov 2, 2017
Superblock: #764336
Approved: 18 of 29
Available: $1,981,386