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Dash Documentary by dashdocumentary

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Proposal Description

Dash Documentary 

PDF Version found at - https://www.docdroid.net/oxzitkp/dash-documentary-proposal.pdf


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly emerging and starting to have an impact on our financial systems. There is a surge of global interest in cryptocurrency and its potential is becoming apparent to investors, technical specialists and, even large corporations are starting to see the opportunities. New currencies are arising every week and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. Dash itself has gained huge momentum in its lifetime, as Ryan Taylor, Dash’s CEO has stated: Dash “has outgrown Bitcoin by at least double for the last 4 years” and Dash is proving to the world that it is more than capable of growing substantially within the digital currency arena.

One of the main problems being faced by the cryptocurrency sector is establishing its presence to the masses. In order for cryptocurrencies to take their rightful place alongside conventional currencies, this problem needs to be addressed. Many people are unaware of this transformation within the financial system or of the role that cryptocurrencies play. Some may have a rudimentary knowledge of how they work but perhaps they simply do not know how to get involved. Without a degree of comprehensive knowledge, investing in the cryptocurrency market can be difficult. Sourcing the relevant information is a barrier that many new users may face when looking to engage in this unfolding financial and technological movement. Dash is a currency that is tackling these accessibility issues head on - “Dash is one of the few digital currencies that actually cares about regular people” - Dash Blog

Dash is the 6th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization today, last month it was 7th, the month before it was 8th. Even though the market is constantly fluctuating, one of the things that has remained consistent is Dash’s ability to be relevant and a leading player.

The features currently offered by Dash are groundbreaking; features such as InstantSend, allowing transactions to take place in seconds as opposed to minutes. Dash’s focus on the payment space making the technology so much more user-friendly and accessible compared to those of other cryptocurrencies. The new technologies that Dash is introducing look to transform the way people bank. The new release of ‘Evolution’ has got people talking, and it is clear that Dash is the one to watch right now. “The economic incentives of Dash are far superior, and the wheels are in motion to allow Dash to take off” - The Paradise Paradox ‘Bitcoin vs Dash’  

After looking through previous proposals and considering the wide variety of marketing campaigns that Dash is currently funding, we have found that there is a gap in the market. We believe that it’s time to present a feature-length documentary that is both engaging and informative. One which is designed specifically to shed some light on the world of cryptocurrencies and which will support Dash’s overall objective to “improve the public awareness of DASH” - Dash Budget Information Network

Rather than being a straightforward advertisement for Dash, it is intended that this film be comprehensive and in-depth and one which highlights Dash as one of the finest cryptocurrencies within the financial market. We are looking to gain the support of the Dash community in order to create this professional documentary to stand on the shoulders of “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and “Banking on Bitcoin”. It will introduce the new generation of cryptocurrencies and establish Dash right at the forefront, highlighting it as one of the best alternative currencies on the market today.


The Proposed Project

This will be the first full-length cryptocurrency documentary that isn’t centred around Bitcoin. It’s focus will be on the future of the market, with Dash highlighted as the solution to so many of the issues that Bitcoin has failed to address. We will also focus on providing practical and functional information about how people can join the community today. Progress has been going on over many months to pull together the key components of this documentary, we now believe that we have the direction and the framework to make it a reality and roaring success.

We have submitted numerous posts within the Dash community forum and have received very positive
feedback. Members have contributed with suggestions as to the content they would wish to see featured, different concepts and, suggested comparisons to make between the currencies. There have been some
previous requests to Dash to fund a Documentary, but we feel that they failed to focus on the key questions:-

How will this documentary benefit Dash? and Why should the Dash community fund a project that talks about Cryptocurrencies as a whole?

We have put these questions at the forefront of our proposal. This documentary will raise Dash’s profile and contribute to its overall success. We believe thatthe only way to grab people’s attention, is by offering them an informative documentary that explains exactly what is happening in the Cryptocurrency market. We aim to maximise interest and reach a broader audience. It is not our intention to scorn other currencies but we do intend to explore Bitcoin and outline its limitations and compare it to Dash’s solution oriented ideals.

We plan to underline Dash’s ability to exceed the capabilities of Bitcoin and other currencies and emphasise its ability to dominate the market in the future. We will examine historical and statistical information and explore the Masternode voting system compared to Bitcoin’s full nodes, Dash InstantSend as a solution to slow transactions with Bitcoin, Dash’s scaling roadmap and Dash’s improved usability, thereby making cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone.

Here is a summarised structure of what the documentary will cover:

  • An explanation of the global financial system
  • A brief history of both fiat and digital currencies
  • How cryptocurrencies and the technologies operate
  • The global effects of cryptocurrency
  • The benefits and concerns surrounding the integration of cryptocurrencies (how these benefits are being promoted and the concerns addressed)
  • Bitcoin and alternative currencies
  • An indepth look into Dash:
    • The History of Dash and it’s founders
    • How dash is different including the efforts it has made to improve on Bitcoin
    • Dash’s ability to perpetually self-fund its progression
    • Dash Wallet, making Dash a much more usable and practical currency
    • Dash Instant Transactions
    • Dash Protocol level funding and Masternode Governance
    • Dash PrivateSend
    • How Dash governance proposals constantly expand and improve the currency’s development
    • The Decentralized Application Programming Interface for applications
    • Dash Evolution and the future of online banking
  • Predictions for how the monetary system could look in the future
  • How individuals can contribute and get involved
  • Summary and conclusion

We will follow the structure of an Expository Documentary, presented with story-based narration. A large portion of the content will be face-to-face interviews with specialist people within in the Dash and cryptocurrencies space who have/are making an impact within the global cryptocurrency scene around the world It will also feature animation (3D computer animation and 2D vector footage for Diagrams, charts, statistics and visual explanations), relevant film footage created by the production team (such as on location shots, interview footage, conferences and meet-ups). We intend to use archive footage such as clips from News broadcasts, historical videos and online video content from people in the space. We plan to film cryptocurrency conventions, festivals, talks and presentations, mining facilities and businesses in order to give a broad overview of everything that is happening within the crypto space. - We will ensure that all the footage is ethically and legally sourced.

We have the facilities and equipment to capture visually-stunning cinematics and distribute the entire documentary in Ultra High Definition (4K) which will ensure that the footage is of the highest quality to maximise exposure and platform compatibility 


The next big question, who are we and why are we the right people to carry this project forward?

There are three key members associated with this project: 

Tom Mckerrow

Tom is the production manager and resourcing & marketing specialist on this project. He is an IT project specialist who has key strengths in identifying business objectives to help maximise potential and finding key resources & people. His ability to understand clients goals and objectives has been paramount part in marketing, resourcing and business development projects for a range of high-profile UK clients such as JustEat, Google, Qualcomm and Renesas to name just a few. Understanding business requirements to a meticulous level is his forte and and he has developed a career in driving clients business goals while focusing on specialist niche IT markets. He is hugely experienced in high-pressured environments where hitting targets is essential. He has experience in managing teams and has proven to have the ability to get the best out of people in order to hit targets.

He has developed a comprehensive network of professionals within the UK and internationally. He was a key delivery supplier for Randstad, with a major role in leading and expanding the Microsoft development market. He has led a multitude of marketing campaigns, rewritten large portions of Randstad's sales brochure and substantiated their position within the .NET development market. When consulting for JustEat, Tom was instrumental in building a specialist team of developers to handle software construction. By implementing a consistent stream of content across multi-platform networks, the project was completed within the six month timeframe. He has organised fundamental parts of large marketing campaigns, coordinated and organised events and drives that have led to the success of large IT projects. These events and drives were considered within Randstad to be a major strand of its new business focus and market consolidation. 

Tom creates structural blueprints to ensure that projects meet their targets and deadlines and stick to the given roadmaps. He keeps up to date with current affairs and has a keen passion for journalism, regularly writing LinkedIn and Facebook articles. Tom has also been part of various tech meetups and events including a key IT talk with representatives from LinkedIn and Google. He has a sound knowledge of social media, marketing and research which are going to paramount to both the exposure and production of this documentary. Tom also has a Degree in Politics and Global Economy.

For the last few months, Tom has been working freelance as a consultant for a specialist resourcing company working in the future technologies space. However, his main focus recently has been getting the documentary off the ground.

Liam Turner

Liam is our documentary director and video-production specialist. He has directed two feature films in the past, one of which was screened at Norwich Film Festival and KinoFilm Festival. He has been a freelance production specialist for both the BBC, ITV and was Head of Production in an video-editing house for 2 years in the South West of England. Liam has received documentary funding in the past from the BFI and is known in Bristol for creating promotional videos & commercials. He’s been a video consultant for Happy City and REM Events.

Liam runs his own Media Production company which is based Bristol. His work portfolio some of his work includes National Health training videos, motor vehicle commercials, conference filming and events coverage. In addition to being a production specialist, Liam is also an experienced artistic director crafting visually stunning creative videos. He has directed and produced documentaries around the globe, in locations including Rwanda, Dubai, America, China and India.

Liam will take the lead in the the production side of this documentary using the experience he has gained in documentary filmmaking and running successful video distribution campaigns for TV. He has access to a vast array of film and production equipment from 4K cameras, to broadcast quality sound and lighting. Liam has a 1st class honours degree in Film Production Technology, is a corporate member of the IOV and is a certified UAV drone pilot.

Examples of Liam’s work can be found on his Vimeo profile - vimeo.com/liturn 

Nick Hopton

Nick is a visionary. His ideas and ability to think outside the box have been invaluable to this project so far. Nick regularly organises and attends cryptocurrency and political meet-ups. He has been a huge influence in the Bristol and London Bitcoin groups, regularly organising conferences to bring people in the cryptocurrency scene together with particular focus on people new to the community. Nick regularly attends meeting and conferences as a keynote speaker.

He has also hosted city-wide conferences centred around the British Constitutional Society. He has been largely involved with organising and connecting people for the Nottingham Moot (The Great Nottingham Moot, a British legal change movement) which this year, had in excess of 500 attendees. Nick is well connected within the local cryptocurrency community and works extensively with The Renegade Investor and his youtube channel, the UK's second most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channel. The content of these meet-ups and discussions have played a large part in inspiring this documentary. Nick has also been involved with local Banking System Debates and regularly collaborates with the UK Column

Nick will be providing essential scriptwriting and production planning skills and will be responsible for administration in the office and on site. He will take the lead in production of documentation, cal sheets, production plans, insurance, risk assessments as well as handling legal issues and research. Nick will be working closely with Audrey Buchanan (please refer to the section entitled 'Marketing' further on in this proposal) in the production of social media posts. Nick has an accountancy background and will be overseeing expenses and ensuring that our expenditure stays within budget.

The Team

The collective abilities and experiences of the three key players, underpinned by network of expertise and functioned partners will ensure that this project is a success. It is the perfect time to launch this documentary, with all three members in a position to dedicate 100% of their attention to the project.


Marketing Campaign

As with any marketing campaign, the aim is to get as wide a distribution as possible, maximising exposure for Dash itself. The more people we can get to see the documentary, the more it will raise the profile of Dash currency. However, exposure is not the only goal, we also want people to engage with the cryptocurrency market, start getting involved in the communities and inevitably, invest in Dash. 

The project that Tom undertook for JustEat (discussed in his profile), built a steady client base and created a lot of attention. This is the approach we intend to take for the documentary and allow it to build a trusting fan base before its release.

We have laid out a thorough advertising campaign to ensure we achieve these objectives.

We have split the advertising campaign into organic and paid.

With regard to the organic advertising campaign, we have structured a demanding quota for regular content . We will use promotional articles written about the project, hosted on sites such as Coindesk and The Huffington Post, both of whom have already expressed considerable interest in the project. We will write and commission our own articles about the project, hosted on our blogs and on social media sites. Our blog will not only be a location where people can see updates on the project but we will create a news stream of reliable information about the cryptocurrency space and up-to-date happenings within Dash.

Our social media presence will span across multiple platforms, the most notable being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. They will all be structured and consistent, regularly updated and reviewed constantly. There will also be regular uploads to YouTube and Vimeo, we aim for these sites to become the 'go-to' places for people to watch trailers and behind the scenes videos in HD.  

We have a commission deal with web developer James Fletcher to create the documentary website. James specialises in SEO and ecommerce websites. He has created Cryptocurrency websites in the past and was head developer and project manager for www.GetGame.io. The team will be working with James to create a platform that will enable people to access the latest news and information about the project.

Los Angeles based Audrey Buchanan, who is an SEO and Social Media Specialist, will develop our targeted social media foundations and open up international networking opportunities. Audrey runs her own successful business, letsbeesocial.com which we intend to implement for our documentary.

Offline, we have contacted and are scheduled to attend Blockchain & Bitcoin conferences both inside and outside of the UK This will allow us to network with people in the crypto sector, interview delegates and shoot content for the documentary.

We believe that Facebook ads and Google AdWords are the most practical, reliable and economic paid advertising that will boost our exposure. PPC is not the only method, the team has experience in sponsoring relevant blog content. An example of this is True Digital who had considerable success utilising this medium. This is an approach we intend to replicate with this project.

We have spent a considerable amount of time during the last year working with James Fletcher on developing and re-targeting adverts on some of his cryptocurrency websites. We plan to harness this knowledge and work with James to directly apply this experience to our Dash Documentary website. This is proving to be an effective method of repeat advertising that has relatively low cost.

One of our main methods of promotion will be video advertising. We will employ the use of video blogs, regular Q&A’s, project updates, interesting and informative videos, explanatory videos, snippets that have been recorded for the documentary, interviews and trailers. Liam has a wealth of experience in creating advertising videos across a multitude of business sectors. He manages the business output for his production companies so his experience will be a huge asset.



Having worked in the television industry for a number of years and having specific experience in the successful distribution of films and TV advertising, Liam will be responsible for the distribution of all video production. He has a number of contacts in the UK, specifically within BFI and ITV and also has strong contacts within Movieplex in America.

Liam has experience in working on projects that have been picked up by large streaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. These platforms are highly accessible to documentaries that are professionally made, engaging and current. It is fully understood that some streaming services can be strict on the type of content that they promote as well as the format in which it is presented particularly with TV broadcasting. We intend to ensure that our documentary complies fully with these strict policies without compromising on its content.

We plan to submit this documentary to national and international film festival organisations and it will be made available in a multitude of languages with subtitles where necessary. Having toured a documentary on the National circuit before, we know how to present and pitch our film so that it gets a slot in as many cities as possible. In gaining exposure over the next 9 months, we hope that a lot festival opportunities will be opened up.

Within a year of the documentary release, it is our intention to upload the film online to platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo so that it can be made freely and widely available. Any budget surplus or profits arising from distribution deals, screening and PPV will be invested back into a final advertising campaign as necessary or alternatively used to fund the next project.


The Plan

We have created a nine month plan for this project. It is intended that six months of the project will be funded by the Dash community and the remaining three months are to be set aside for final editing, screenings, advertising and distribution.

Here is a month by month breakdown of that plan.

Month one and two - Setting up and planning

  • Office set-up - Bristol based for production and meetings with relevant people.
  • Acquire minimal but necessary assets for the production, including office computers, equipment and an editing suite
  • Insurance and legalities surrounding copyright etc.
  • Commence social media and marketing presence
  • Setup and establishment of website
  • Initialise marketing plans
  • Finalise the documentary script
  • Progress the structure of the documentary (finalise locations etc)
  • Network and sourcing of initial relevant interview candidates
  • Sourcing any extra specialist staff requirements
  • Production Plan
  • Ongoing researching
  • Budget and tax allowances (large parts of the project will have to be funded in taxed Fiat currencies)

Month three, four and five - Shooting the Documentary

  • Storyboarding & Shot list
  • Filming on location
  • Recording interviews
  • Attend talks, conferences and meet-ups for footage and networking
  • Shooting other necessary visuals
  • Acquiring archive footage
  • Recording narration
  • Organising footage for the edit 

Month six and seven - Editing and finalising the documentary

  • The editing process
  • Special effects implementing
  • Animation & Graphics
  • Creating an emotive cinematic music score
  • Distribution plan starts
  • Creating trailers and advertising materials
  • Finish the documentary creation process.

Month eight and nine - Distribution

  • Implementing the distribution and marketing plan
  • Pushing advertisements and trailer

Constant tasks

  • Creating advertising materials
  • Constant feedback in forums and regular updates
  • Reaching out to the community for feedback
  • Daily social media updates, posts, news and articles
  • Regular social media posts of relevant news and articles
  • Scouting for potential distribution deals
  • Contacting streaming networks, TV networks and film festivals

We intend to stick as rigidly as possible to this project plan and will provide regular updates on the website so that the Dash community are able to see its progress.



In order to make this documentary a reality, we have allowed £197,636.30 (942 DASH - $259,050 see below for breakdown) to be split into six monthly payments. Those six payments will be spread over the course of the nine month project, this is due to the majority of the budget being used in the first six months and the last three months are for final editing, distribution and marketing.

The Budget has been broken down and will encompass four main areas:-

People, Production, Marketing and Equipment.

The three most costly sections of the documentary are: production, marketing and staff. We require a dedicated production and marketing budget to ensure that we have the footage and exposure required to make this documentary a success.The project not only requires full-time staff to carry the project forward, but also some short-term staff and ad-hoc freelance contractors. We have budgeted for a small office space and this is where the majority of non location work will be conducted. A limited amount of office equipment to be rented or purchased as required. 

For shooting and recording purposes, we will require both a travel and a studio budget. This will enable us to achieve footage and an overall production standard that is needed to make the documentary to distributable quality. We are well stocked with over £40,000 of professional film-making equipment, meaning equipment hire and purchasing is minimal. This includes two professional 4K video cameras, TV-standard audio equipment and rigging. There are very little additions required for the production, we have however budgeted for some lighting equipment and potential hire, in the event that we need additional kit when travelling, or specialist equipment when shooting cinematic pieces.

Please see below for a breakdown of initially calculated costs of the documentary:

For the sake of clarity all our individual costings and breakdowns are in British pounds (GBP) and converting the headline figure and the monthly amount in both Dash and USD. We are using the value of 1 Dash = $275 (coinmarketcap.com value on Friday 3rd November - 20:00pm UTC), which values 1 Dash = £210.26.


Headline total amount

- £197,636.30

- 942 DASH (as calculated on Dash Central proposal page)

- $259,050 (calculated from Dash figure)



- £32,939.38

- 157 DASH (as calculated on Dash Central proposal page)

- $43,175 (calculated from Dash figure)


The Monthly amount is rounded to the nearest dash as worked out via Dash Central Proposal submission page Actual Total Dash 939.961476 and the Actual Monthly Dash 156.660246.

The monthly pounds figure is £0.06 lower than the addition of the monthly figures below due to rounding.


(rounded to nearest 0.01)

Includes the total and monthly payment over 6 months





Staffing budget

  • £67,500 - Key permanent project Members

£2500 each per month for 9 months (£125 a day each)

  • £10,500 - Editor - £350 a day for 6 weeks
  • £3,000 - Sound Editor £300 a day for 2 weeks
  • £1,500 - Colorist/Grader - £300 a day for 1 week
  • £2,000 - VFX Artist - £400 a day for 1 week
  • £3,000 - Animator - £300 a day for 2 weeks
  • £1,750 - Graphics Artist - £350 a day for 1 week
  • £1,500 - Narrator - £300 a day for 1 week
  • £7,000 - Audio/Music Producer and Studio mastering specialist

£350 a day for 4 Weeks

  • £2,200 contract - Web developer





Production budget

  • £8,400 - On location production crew

1st AC, Sound Specialist & Gaffer

  • £2000 - Hire cost

Equipment and vehicle

  • £1,500 - Translator
  • £3,000 - Location shoots
  • £12,000 - Travel/Transportation/accommodation costs
  • £4,000 - Conference and events
  • £1,000 - Certification
  • £1,500 - Subtitling





Marketing Campaign

  • £18,500 - Advertising, Marketing and Content marketing

(Google adwords, Facebook ads, video ads, etc)

  • £4,600 - SEO specialist
  • £4,000 - Conference and events entry fees
  • £8,000 - Film Distribution
  • £5,000 - Festival fees
  • £2,400 - Posters, flyers and other advertising materials





Office Budget

  • £8,100 office space on the outskirts of Bristol - £900 per month
  • £100 Office supplies
  • £585 Video and SFX Software licensing- £65 per month
  • £600 Insurances - Comprehensive insurance package - (business/contents, equipment, public liability, travel, etc)





One time payments

  • £600 Office Equipment (Chairs, desks, projector, whiteboard etc)
  • £500 Studio Microphones (Narration and podcasting)
  • £200 Video Background
  • £250 Room Soundproofing
  • £1000 Studio Rental
  • £2000 Computer budget (laptops and an editing suite)
  • £3000 Archive footage (Estimated)
  • £2000 Stock music/music licensing budget
  • £1500 Subtitling - Three languages
  • £300 Money conversion allowance





5 Dash to cover the proposal submission cost.


This documentary will be of huge benefit to Dash. It will increase both the exposure of cryptocurrencies with Dash at its core. It will reach out to those people who are unfamiliar with the whole cryptocurrency scene and explain the impact it is having on our financial systems. It will explain in easy to understand terms the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies and most importantly, how to get involved in this hugely exciting opportunity. 

We want to contribute to Dash’s success and raise Dash’s profile understanding that the more people that see the documentary, the more people are likely to get involved with Dash. Documentaries such as Rise and Rise of Bitcoin and Banking on Bitcoin have done a considerable amount to increase the exposure and public awareness of Bitcoin and we believe that our documentary can do the same for Dash. 

As a team, we possess the skills, drive, resources, knowledge and, most importantly, the belief in Dash to be able to make this documentary a reality and global success. The wheels are already in motion for this documentary to be produced and, with the help of the Dash communities funding, plus our collective experience and passion, we endeavour to create something that will awaken more and more people to the potential of cryptocurrencies, and promote awareness of Dash itself as one of the leading technological currencies and create the impetus get many more people involved. 

We respectfully urge and encourage the Dash community to become involved in this project and we would welcome all input as to its content.

This documentary will demonstrate to people just how real these technological currencies are and the potential they have and the advantages they can offer for all of us. We believe in this documentary and by helping us fund it, Dash can benefit from considerable exposure and continue to increase its popularity and utilisation.


ID: 7b80240901c85082ab22f2ac187dc259df62bb6bdf4deb4bbe42c87ed8a9fc57

Comments, Q&A

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dashdocumentary Proposal Owner 1 day ago:
Hi Guys

To let you know we have a review article on Dash Force News - https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-documentary-pre-proposal-review/

We want to hear your thoughts and also give a huge thank you to Joe and the team at Dash Force News.

The Dash Documentary Team
dashdocumentary Proposal Owner 4 days ago:
Hi Guys,

Great news, we have just been interviewed by Craig Mason (huge thanks to the work he has put in).

You can see the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHZ4TnEhMGs

Really keen to hear your thoughts.
dashdocumentary Proposal Owner 6 days ago:
Hi Guys,

We have just released our first Q&A session for the Dash Documentary, answering some of the questions that have been asked this week. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YIE0MkFbvYY

The Dash Documentary Team
dashdocumentary Proposal Owner 6 days ago:
Hi Guys,

We have just released our first Q&A session for the Dash Documentary, answering some of the questions that have been asked this week. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YIE0MkFbvYY

The Dash Documentary Team
dashdocumentary Proposal Owner 6 days ago:
Hi Guys,

We have just released our first Q&A session for the Dash Documentary, answering some of the questions that have been asked this week. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YIE0MkFbvYY

The Dash Documentary Team