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Caracas - Venezuela: 2nd and 3rd conference by algodonfranelas

Cost:73.00 DSH for 2 months (completed payments: 1 of 2)
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Votes:738 Yes vs. 34 No (55 abstain) 16.79%
Proposal Description

Caracas - Venezuela: 2nd and 3rd conference


This is a follow up of the first proposal for the First DASH Conference in Caracas Venezuela, and the second proposal Caracas - Venezuela 1rst conference reposition. You can find all the history of the project here:



The 1rst conference reposition for 600 people will take place next saturday, October 21st.

Venue: "Naiguatá A" hall, Hotel Tamanaco Intercontinental. You can check it out HERE.


We have hired:


This proposal is for the 2nd and 3rd conference of the cycle...


2nd Conference
Speaker: Fernando Gutiérrez - DASH Core Team
Subject: What is Dash - Digital Cash and what is Dash Evolution

3rd Conference
Speaker: JZA - DASH Global
Subject: How to submit a proposal for Dash Treasury Funds


Here is my new detailed budget for 2 months:



ID: 77dcb1f93eae890e80f4a445508ae23857c5ab36a33069a33f726afbffca95e6

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