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Proposal Description

hello Masternodes ,
i'm studioz , and i'm requesting funds to support our Dash Brazil Team in Outreach and Marketing Dash to the Portuguese Audience in Brazil for the next 3 months .

Website http://DashBR.com (15 Dash per Month)

  • Journalism
  • Translation
  • Photo Video Audio + Editing
  • Equipement(Camera+Microphone+Light)
  • Future Dash Meetings
  • Migrating/Improving Website
  • SEO Marketing

Marketing (60 Dash per month)

  • Ongoing Projects :
    -Project4- Mauri & StarMagic - sponsorship in Campeonato Nacional de Cavalo Árabe, in Indaiatuba/Sao Paulo from 15 to 19 of November 2017.StarMagic is the                 fastest Mare in Brazil and Mauri's dream is to buy his next racing mare with Dash and integrate Dash into his name .
                   (trip,AirBnb_Apartment,transport,food,flyers,banners,jerseys,hats,Horse Transport for 4 members) we're also trying to get to sponsor the                                   Event.**Majority of sponsors are the Banks of Brazil ** Remain Funds will be redistributed has giveways in the event .
                   Cost 30 Dash

        -Project5- Dash Media Marketing inside/outside 10 Buses in Porto Alegre city , Brazil .
                      -2 Panels Design
                      - 10 BusDoor(exterior,Back Window ) total estimated of 1.5 Million visualitions per month .
                      - 10 BusSeat (interior,Back of Bus Seats) total estimated 100000 visualitions per month with a average of ~1.5 hours exposion per passenger.
                      (Original Proposal) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6i-x9F2WjzLT0JOM0V4RHZPa2c 
                       Cost 22 Dash 

         -Project6- We're also in talks with Davis dos Santos , MMA Fighter , to get sponsored by Dash on his next MMA TKO Fight.

  • The following is a list of outreach projects we've proudly accomplished that we would like to request a refund :


       -Project1- Dash Grafitti of Davis dos Santos in the biggest Favela of South America - Rocinha , Rio de Janeiro
                      Cost: 40Dash x 195$US =7800$USD (Finalized in July of 2017)
                     (trips,staying,food,refreshment,transport,paints&tools,Drone Video Photographer,videoEditing,3 days of work for 4 artists )

       -Project2- We introduced Davis dos Santos MMA Fighter into Dash and we sponsored his first Fight with Dash on MMA TKO38 in Canada for Davis to introduce                           himself to the Dash Community.
                      Cost: 15Dash x 68$USD (Finalized in April of 2017)
                      **The Second Fight (TKO39) was funded by DashForce and community Donations .

       -Project3- Dash Sponsored Mauri Fonseca & StarMagic at Expointer 2017 - Arab Horse Competition in Porto Alegre , Brazil from August 23 to 29 2017
                      Cost : 40Dashx200$usd=8000$usd (Finalized/Paid on August 10th of 2017)

                      Promotion #MauriEDashNaExpointer2017 Contest Giveway 10X.25=2.5Dash 


We have many other marketing projects/ideas in talks right now and we appreciate your support of this proposal so that we move forward with more exciting Outreach Projects.Part of the Funds will also be used to compensate members for there efforts .The Website was started in June of 2017 and it's been temporary hosted on a friends VPS .We also have a Online Store accepting Dash on NMarleys Woocommerce Dash Payment Pluggin almost ready to go live  (Pluggin Forked in Portuguese by one of our team members ), we will use it to make a Tutorial in Portuguese on how to set it up and sell Dash Souvenirs .  

Our Team :
Our team consists right now of 8 pationed and loyal members ,and volunters of a group created on Facebook @DashBrazil and Telegram @DashBrasil in September of 2015 by the Dash International Outreach Project ( Funded by the Dash Tresory ).
Since then this volunters have contributed to the success of Dash in Brazil and helped alot of new Portuguese Dash users getting to learn and use Dash .

Together let’s get Dash to get more exposure in Brazil and other Portuguese communities around the world ! Thanks to all MNOs for your Support !

ID: bd20c914f1ba9831f06a3969b379d60505c6706b828d1347970b19ce8dbf52a8

Comments, Q&A

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mcprotesto 2 months ago:
Who are the Arabian horse breeders?
72% are urban entrepreneurs.
53% have investments in the field, besides the farms themselves.
87% are or were married and have an average of 2 children.
They live in houses or apartments that on average have 320 square meters.
They have an average of 4 family cars.
41% have private drivers.
They make on average two trips abroad per year.
They conduct on average two business trips abroad per year.
12% have their own residence abroad.
6% have an airplane or helicopter.
The stud farm has an average of 240 hectares.
An average of 9 employees are registered on their farms.

mcprotesto 2 months ago:
-Project5- Media Marketing Inside/Outside 10 Bus BusDoor / BusSeat

mcprotesto 2 months ago:

Included in the Proposal:
1. Name of the external arena of the "ARENA DASH";
2. 3 Banners in the external arena of the competitions (3x1m format,
3. DASH Logo on the podium of the awards of the tests;
4. DASH seal on the live broadcast of ZonaRural.Tv;
5. A table with 4 chairs on the Terrace overlooking the "ARENA DASH";
6. Teaser in the locution during the exams;
7. 2 DASH balloons in the DASH outside area (cost of making and placing on
8. Patron of a Test to choose DASH (except 3 Drums);
9. Space for the DASH to organize a barbecue.
mcprotesto 2 months ago:
This was the video that Dash Brazil produced to celebrate the DASH + MAURI + STARMAGIC partnership. We are very happy to have been able to consolidate this project and to strengthen Dash's name alongside the fastest Arabian mare in Brazil. Dash is also the fastest currency in the world, right?
mcprotesto 2 months ago:
This was a beautiful job we do in the largest community in Latin America. A Graffitti with MMA athlete Davis Dos Santos (sponsored by Dash) in Rocinha / RJ. The team that made this beautiful work was the crew Art Do Risco (Porto Alegre / RS) and Crew 51 (Rio De Janeiro / RJ).
mcprotesto 2 months ago:
This was our last job at the Expointer 2017 where the first purchase with Bitcoin took place in the auction at this event . We will try to encourage Mauri to do the same with Dash in a near future.
mcprotesto 2 months ago:
Hello everyone! Dash Brazil has its first marketing proposal after 3 years working hard on the network. Vote to help our work develop, Thank you all! https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DASHBRAZILMARKETINGOUTREACH

studioz Proposal Owner 2 months ago:
-Project5- Media Marketing Inside/Outside 10 Bus BusDoor / BusSeat
** https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6i-x9F2WjzLVHJ0am5MOHYwZGM/view
studioz Proposal Owner 2 months ago:
-Project5- Media Marketing Inside/Outside 10 Bus BusDoor / BusSeat
** https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6i-x9F2WjzLVHJ0am5MOHYwZGM/view