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Continuation funding - PHASE TWO - Project Proposal - Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants by greenbean

Cost:42.87 DSH for 3 months (completed payments: 2 of 3)
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Proposal Description

Continuation funding - PHASE TWO

Understanding the barriers to adoption of Dash by UK businesses and merchants 

Stuart Bean -  stuart.bean@simplyassociations.co.uk


PHASE ONE OF THE PROJECT HAS BEEN DELIVERED - see progress report. We are sharing the draft survey on the Dash Forum ahead of issuing to NAJ members


This proposal requests funding for the second, and final, stage of this project - 42.8666 Dash/3 months - total of 128.6 Dash.


Aim: Conduct a market survey of the practical, technical and perceived challenges stopping businesses and merchants in the UK accepting Dash.


Problem: There are few merchants in the UK who accept Dash.  The lack of merchants accepting Dash is holding back uptake by the UK consumer. Engaging with the 3-4 million businesses in the UK is a difficult  task. So how do we reach out to survey them?

Solution: We use business networks.   In the UK there are many hundreds of Trade Associations (TAs). These are networks of businesses. TAs are trusted bodies that sit at the heart of business sectors.

Project: as a pilot project we will work with the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) to;

  • Promote Dash and this project to UK gold dealers and jewellers, alerting entrepreneurs and Chief Executives that digital cash, specifically Dash, is heading their way.         
  • Survey the 2200 NAJ members on their attitude and plans for future use of Dash, and what’s stopping them using it.  
  • Incentivise completion of the survey by providing a Dash prize to 10 respondents. First prize 5 Dash with 9 runners up getting 2 Dash each.   
  • Capture data on companies who wish to explore becoming Dash merchants.
  • Undertake feasibility studies conducting technical assessments with four companies to understand their existing online sales processes and the size of the task in signing them up as Dash merchants and develop an outline plan for implementation.  If we do not have enough viable interest we will offer a free technical seminar to all interested members.
  • Report back findings to Dash community and development team, to inform future work


Why this group?

  • UK gold dealers are a natural group that should understand Dash as an asset as well as a currency.
  • This proposal will increase the number of high net worth individuals aware of Dash.
  • In 2014 this industry in the UK was worth £5 billion (manufacturing) and £7.3 billion (retail).
  • Increasing consumer confidence in Dash and offering the hesitant consumer tangible assets that can be bought with Dash in the form of gold will be significant. Proving that one of the oldest symbols of value can be bought by one of the newest.

Project Team

  • Stuart Bean - stuart.bean@simplyassociations.co.uk
  • Stuart Thomlinson - stuart@surveywisdom.com
  • Paul Tanner - paul@virtual-techno.com


All discussion of the project will go through the Dash forum - contact details for Stuart Bean @CaptAhab, Stuart Thomlinson @ridingonalion, Paul Tanner @handymannn


Scope of project

As a pilot study this is aimed at the jewellery sector and the 2200 businesses in the NAJ. Subject to evaluation of this pilot project, this could be rolled out through Trade Associations in other sectors.


Project Milestones and Schedule

August/September 2017

Phase 1 - all milestones for Phase 1 of the project have been delivered - see progress report

We will be sharing the draft survey on the Dash Forum ahead of issuing to NAJ members

  • Produce article on Dash and its opportunities in the sector and highlighting survey to members. Copy deadline 5th September for The Jeweller Magazine - Media pack available here
  • Design survey  - Questions centered around awareness of cryptocurrencies and their acceptance of Dash as a potential method of payment for their business in the future. Those showing interest will be offered the chance to opt into further market research on this subject or feasibility studies/technical seminar. The survey will be short and engaging. As part of the questionnaire design process we would start a thread on the Dash community forum where members could add their suggestions.

October 2017

Phase 2

  • Publish article in the October edition of The Jeweller Magazine (Trade Press; readership 25,000)
  • Deliver online survey for verified 2200 NAJ member companies collecting data on likely uptake of Dash, and incentivise by providing a Dash prize to 10 respondents. First prize 5 Dash with 9 runners up getting 2 Dash each. One survey per member company rolled out after members receive their copies of magazine on 10th October.

November 2017

Phase 2

  • Collate result of survey
  • Contact prize winners and assist to set up Dash wallets
  • Perform feasibility studies with 4 merchants or deliver free technical seminar

December 2017

Phase 2

  • Sponsor awards at the Annual Benevolent Ball of the National Association of Jewellers on December 7th 2017 (sponsorship of "Website of the Year"-  award reserved) .  Details of sponsorship package available here

January 2017

Phase 2

  • Publish results of survey and feasibility study/technical seminar on Dash Forum



Phase 1 of the project - 103.3 Dash/1 month - payment received- has been delivered -see progress report. We have shared the draft survey on the Dash Forum ahead of issuing to NAJ members. see draft survey here

Phase 2 - 42.8666 Dash/3 months.



Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 2


Phase 2 December

Produce article



Sponsor Award (payment to NAJ £3000) and associated admin



Publish article (payment to NAJ £2250)



Design online survey



Reimburse Proposal Submission Cost (includes 5 burnt dash from submission process error)



Phase 1 total = 103.3  Dash/1 month (PAYMENT RECEIVED AND MILESTONES DELIVERED)

Phase 1 103.3  Dash




Reimburse Proposal Submission Cost




Online survey admin / rollout




Contact 5 winners and assist to set up wallets and transfer Dash prizes  (prizes plus admin)




Feasibility study - 4 merchants or free technical seminar.




Collate and publish results of survey




Awards event - preparation, attendance, travel, accommodation



Phase 2 total = 42.866 Dash/ 3 months

128.6 Phase 2 Dash




Total for Phase 1 and 2 (Phase 1 payment received)

231.9 Dash



What will success look like?

  • Increased awareness of Dash within this specific business community and its Trade Association
  • Clear understanding of the barriers to adoption of Dash by this sector
  • Identified group of businesses who would like to become Dash Merchants





Revised risk

External dependencies - Trade Associations may not be interested (Medium)

By sponsoring award and publishing article in Trade Press we ensure access to member community to carry out survey.  Pre-project early engagement has  helped ensure buy-in. The National Association of Jewellers are supportive of the project and have allowed us to reserve award sponsorship. Stuart Bean has extensive networks with Trade Associations (see https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-bean-275ba84/)

Survey Wisdom is very experienced in this field and will manage engagement through the design and roll out of survey. Offering incentivisation  to selection of respondents being given Dash will encourage participation.


Merchants might be nervous about costs, security, value fluctuations etc (Medium)

Engaging with a few merchants to discuss implementation in detail will provide comfort on these issues. We can deliver a free technical seminar on Dash, if there is lack of take up for feasibility study, in the first instance.


Project team fail to deliver individual components of project (Medium)

The project members are all experienced individuals and have also worked together previously.  Stuart Bean will have overall oversight of project.  He and Stuart Thomlinson have worked together including successfully delivering Voices of British Business - a survey commissioned by Stuart Bean, delivered by Stuart Thomlinson at Survey Wisdom, sponsored by Government .   Paul Tanner has previously worked with Stuart Bean at the Trade Association Forum delivering an early online payment solution for the TAF website.



Progress reporting: The project team will report progress of delivery of milestones against timetable on the Dash forum


Why us?

Stuart Bean has extensive experience in lobbying and marketing, having had a 20-year career working at the Confederation of British Industry.  He has wide ranging contacts and  expertise in events, lobbying and working with UK Business leaders, including FTSE 100 CEOs. Stuart previously worked for a UK Political Party. More recently he has run his own business as part of a UK National Franchise (www.barkingmad.uk.com) which he is currently selling, and has set up a new business - Simply Associations Ltd - to include work with UK Trade Associations.  Stuart has a MSc in Global Politics and Political Economy from Birkbeck College, University of London. He has been involved with Darkcoin/Dash since April 2014.



Stuart Thomlinson is owner of Survey Wisdom - an IT consultancy specialising in Market Research. Stuart has 20 years experience of designing and implementing market research surveys, and analysing the results. He provides consultancy to clients in many sectors including luxury automotive marques, tobacco / vaping , pharma , government and trade associations.



Paul Tanner is an experienced engineer and project manager.  Paul has held management positions in several tech startups and developed numerous electronic and software products. He works on a diverse range of IT projects in the roles of CTO, project manager, developer and architect.   Paul's recent projects have been focused on practical implementation of the "Internet of Things".  These have included two consumer energy portals, an assisted living care-in-the-home system, an assistive street and an energy-optimised smart house.  He has also been an advisor and beta tester for a smart heating product.  In support of these projects Paul has been testing IoT products, integrating them into online solutions and liaising with hardware/ firmware suppliers on compliance, security and availability.  Paul is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Electrical Engineering.



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