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Renew - YouTube + Podcast + Social Media - Brazilian Market by rambrissi

Cost:62.00 DSH for 3 months (completed payments: 2 of 3)
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Votes:849 Yes vs. 207 No (33 abstain) 15.31%
Proposal Description

This Funds request is for the continuation of the already-existing channel and the addition of Podcast and Social Media Managment.


YouTube + Podcast + Social Media - Brazilian Market


Please watch this 10 min Video -  "State of Business report and Marketing Strategy"  for the past 7 weeks of the channel



*This video is on my personal Page and will be available during the September voting process. please do not share with anybody outside the Dash MNO ecosystem.


My commitment with Dash for the next 3 months (October, November and December 2017)


  • YouTube - 3 videos per Week ( Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday - Sunday is the Weekly News "new segment"
  • Podcast  - 2 Original Podcast per week "new segment" Tuesday and Thursday + uploading the audio from all other videos from YouTube
  • Social Media - Engagement and Managment: all new segment
    • Facebook Page
    • Twitter Account
    • Instagram Account
    • Exclusive Telegram Group  
    • Exclusive WhatsApp Group 



YouTube Channel 


Facebook Page


Twitter Page






Telegram Group


Whatsapp Group




Please send me an email with any ideas or Feedback


Rod Ambrissi



Original Proposal - July 2017


ObjectiveDevelop, create and execute a series of 8 Videos in Portuguese ( 1 per week ) introducing Dash for this specific market. Also create 8 video Interviews in Portuguese Via Skype with current users, early adopters and other members involved in Dash and the  Crypto World.As cryptocurrency market in Brazil is very much behind compared to the US / EU market, there is much to be covered. 

Explain and promote Dash to the Brazilian market in Portuguese in order to expand the use of Dash and motivate this specific market to adopt Dash, both as users and as merchants. I believe that the Dash project has seen an increase in adoption, investment and awareness by funding past TV shows and Youtube Channels in English and I am committed to expanding this to another language. I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the US in 2000. I speak fluently Portuguese and Spanish. 

When you vote yes, I agree to:

  • Make 8 videos about Dash all with a common theme ( see Themes list below ) averaging 10 minutes each in length. Every Tuesday
  • Skype Interview 8 guests to talk about how they got into Crypto Currency and what are the comparison and benefits of Dash. averaging 20 minutes each in length. Every Friday

Social Media Strategy The plan to get more views and followers:After developing a professional looking high Standard TV show in order to impress any other YouTuber and several crypto businesses online, I'm reaching out to every single YouTuber with a small or small medium youtube channel related to the topic of cryptocurrency, and I am inviting them to talk about crypto in a formal professional TV standard interview. From there after they see the video and how professional it looks plus the content and conversation being very up to date, they automatically share the video Interview in their own pages and social media. All videos are posted in the Dash Dinheiro Digital youtube page only, doing so their immediate friends and followers will be curious to see the video interview and automatically land in the Dash Dinheiro Digital Page on YouTube. From there we will reach out to Mid / Large You-tubers and Businesses Channel This is a simple convince and convert technic. Also, all videos have the proper SEO tags, names, options and tips to bring more viewers via Google search analytics organic grown. The Dash Brasil Community is fully behind this project,  already supported me by placing me in contact with key people and with that I manage already to create a hand full of very successful interviews and videos. 

- I’ll conduct a 1-hour daily research for 2 months including weekend about the Brazilian Market cryptocurrency development and engage with key players that are talking about it and manage to cultivate a relationship in order to create opportunities to promote Dash and share this information on social media. 

Communication Strategy
Viewers numbers and reports will be created on a weekly basis in order to re-evaluate the social media strategy and new possible directions based on the results. I am part of over 50 cryptocurrency groups both on Facebook and Telegram where I've been posting those videos and in the 1st week of the channel released we've got over 100 followers and over 1300 views on the channel. 


  • 5 Dash submission cost: sponsored by Dash Brasil website -  https://www.dashbr.com
  • 40 Dash (1 payment only) covering all 16 Episodes and the Social Media Engagement and Research. (not including the 5 Dash Proposal fee) 
  • Cycle starting: August 2017 and I am committed to turning this project into a long-term career with Dash.  

My Personal Social Media Numbers and Groups that I am engaged. They are my first target audience.                                                       

  • Instagram - 2803 followers 
  • LinkedIn - 1050 followers
  • Facebook - 2097 followers
  • Twitter - 406 :( followers
  • WhatsApp - 12 Different Groups total of 250 members 
  • Telegram - Dash Brasil Group 950 Members 
  • Telegram - Bitcoin Brasil Group 2250 Members 


  • Facebook Groups 
  • Dash Brasil - 103 members 
  • DASH Brasil 104 members
  • Crypto-Moedas Renda Extra - 9,446 Members
  • Oportunidades de ganhar Dinheiro com bitcoins crypto moedas - 160 Members 
  • Bitcoin Brasil - 47,300 Members 
  • Blockchain Brasil - 881 Members

In order to target this specific audience, create a social media force with all platforms to distribute the video content via personalized Dash brand. 

  • Opened  a Youtube Channel “ Dash Dinheiro Digital “ DDD in Portuguese (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WA2NjZp8VHK_Vl8TdWTtQ)
  • Opened  a Gmail account in Portuguese (dash.dinheiro@gmail.com)
  • Opened  a Twitter account in Portuguese (https://twitter.com/DashDinheiro)
  • Opened an Instagram account in Portuguese dash.dinheiro.digital
  • Opened a Skype account in Portuguese - dash.dinheiro
  • Opened a WhatsApp Account ( extremely popular in Brazil ) in Portuguese
  • Opened a Facebook Page in Portuguese. (https://www.facebook.com/DashDinheiroDigital/)
  • In the beginning, I’ll be re-posting those videos on my personal Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn wall in order to maximize the exposure and also I’ll reach out to a few friends and close communities to do so.
  • Created YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Personalized Page banners. 

 Episode Themes: ( Open to suggestions and order of appearance also working with the Dash Brazil Telegram Community for new themes) 

  • What is Dash
  • The beginning of Bitcoin and the decentralized Cryptocurrency Idea and how we compare it to Dash
  • Is there a Maximum Coin Supply in Dash
  • How to Open a Dash Wallet?
  • Difficulties of Buying Dash and other Digital Coins in Brazil.
  • How to use Shapeshift and other Exchange Market tools with Dash
  • Explanation about instant, Private and secure Dash Network
  • Where to Buy Dash?
  • How to start mining Dash.
  • Dash website explanation also Forum and Central
  • How to become a merchant and its benefits
  • Team, Development and Project Information
  • Skype Interview with Davis Dos Santos / MMA Fighter to talk about the impact of Dash Sponsorship in his career ( in Portuguese)
  • Interview with Daniel Diaz (or any other member from Dash.org) ( Portuguese / Spanish ) to talk about his recent visit to Brazil during the 2nd Bitcoin Summit at CoinBR and the direction the Brazilian Market and Latin American Market are going.


I’ll provide the following equipment to record the show. 

  • Laptop - MacBook Pro 17”
  • Laptop - MacBook Pro 15”
  • Laptop – MacBook Air 15”
  • 3 21” Lenovo monitors
  • 1 29” TV with HDMI output
  • Video Encoder using Wirecast
  • Camera - Sony Alpha
  • Webcam Logitech HD1080
  • Mic - USB Badaax
  • Editing Suite - Avid Media Composer
  • Studio – Chroma Key Kit and lights


  • You May Ask what experience do I already have for making Dash videos on YouTube?
  • I’ve been working with Television as a Broadcast Technician for over 10 years and also as a TV / Game Show and Shows host for over 5 years.
  • I’ve made 5 min video resume in 2003 when YouTube was not even a reality. 
  • Just Search on YouTube for Video Curriculum Vitae - Rodrigo Di Paula Ambrissi
  • Also, check my LinkedIn page for my work experience.


Pre-Proposal Links at DASH Forum  https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/youtube-series-about-dash-in-portuguese-for-the-brazilian-market.15344/#post-132454 

Dash Treasury  https://www.dashtreasury.org/p-2137.pre  Thank YouRod Ambrissi. -  dash.dinheiro@gmail.com 

ID: 9fd808a7ff523e925d368b33cbef9875aa3c7e473d73e88bec3ca2f50999c52d

Comments, Q&A

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paulkuit 8 days ago:
Crossposting from DashCentral for visibility:

Eager to learn something useful I gave your channel another try, sitting through the episode "How to declare income tax for Dash [and other crypto]".

Your first and only question to the uncredentialed accountant is different then the title: SHOULD you pay income tax, following a 20 minute rant about invasion and what government is currently able to track.

In facts any of the basic questions on how, where, when and how much tax you pay in Brasil stayed completely untouched.

Your only pertinent question about the ceiling for undeclared income remained unclear.

The concussion after 20 minutes: no way you can run from the tax lion?! Really? Newsflash: I WANT to pay taxes. But I still don't know how.

Dash specific matters regarding MNO payouts or in your personal case earning an exuberant salary directly from the blockchain left completely untouched.

As a serious investor (or through the eyes of a regulator) this kind of propaganda doesn't look very proffesional for Dash especially since you present yourself as the official Dash spokesperson in Brazil.

I'm afraid this budget does more harm then good.
dashdisciple (MN) 2 months ago:
If this doesn't pass, please re-submit at a lower price until you have more viewers.
rambrissi Proposal Owner 2 months ago:
Yes, I am creating a marketing plan for a Live show Sundays where other YouTubers can call in and be live and at the same time a campaign on twitter. I am also looking into google adds and Facebook adds to implement during this next 3 months and also reaching out to other YouTubers and paid then to promote Dash Br channel in their channel
rambrissi Proposal Owner 2 months ago:
Yes, I am creating a marketing plan for a Live show Sundays where other YouTubers can call in and be live and at the same time a campaign on twitter. I am also looking into google adds and Facebook adds to implement during this next 3 months and also reaching out to other YouTubers and paid then to promote Dash Br channel in their channel
dashdisciple (MN) 2 months ago:
Great summary video, Rod. Impressive organic growth.

Would you be willing to throw $5k or so per month into paid marketing to promote your group?