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dash.red by ec1warc1

Cost:31.67 DSH for 3 months (completed payments: 3 of 3)
Rating: (5.0)
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Votes:870 Yes vs. 107 No (26 abstain) 18.20%
Proposal Description

Hello Masternode owners! It is me, ec1warc1! I am proud to present you with my first proposal for the website Dash.red.

Dash.red is dedicated to promoting dash. The website is now available for you to visit. We are proudly creating this project from our home in Medellin, Colombia. We refers to: Edward Stoever, Paula Stoever, Juan Sebastian Valencia, Sergio Ordonez, Gilles Migliori, and the entire team of game builders at Code This Lab.

The primary objective of dash.red is a gaming website in which members can play games to win small quantities of dash for free.

Secondary objectives:

  • Provide a list of blog entries that explain how to use Dash Wallets in English, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Regular Blog entries in Spanish with a focus on education about the Dash blockchain.

  • Create YouTube videos to promote dash. We have been doing this for months now, but with financial support, we will be able to publish videos on a more regular schedule and featuring more personalities. Videos will be in Spanish and English. Future videos will not be monetized.

  • Create promotions that will pay users dash for achieving goals, like retweeting or creating videos. The dash.red website will make these kinds of viral marketing easy to manage. The website can do most of the work because it is a database-driven engine for Dash promotions and payments.

  • Create a game in which players who watch our videos will have an advantage to win larger prizes – with support, we can probably release such a game by June 2018.

  • Promote Dash by visiting people in all parts of the world and introducing them to the community through videos and written blog posts.

  • Create meetups in Colombia and other countries in Latin America.

  • Attend the meetups of others

The success of funding for dash.red will allow us to continue to the secondary objectives which will be our focus after the first 90 days of the website being live.

What the proposal will ask for:

  • We will request 30 dash per month for three months (plus 5 dash reimbursment, 31.666 dash per month).

Goals we will accomplish in these 90 days with this financial support:

  • Give dash to winners on the website. We will start with payouts with a cap of 250,000 dashies (aka duffs), and regulate it so that 12 half-hour visits to the website will allow for a withdrawal of the minimum amount of 120,000.

  • Grow traffic to the site.

  • Generate detailed reports for Masternode owners to review for further funding after the first 3 months.

  • improve website security and stability

  • create promotions that demonstrate how we can use the website to give dash to people who participate in viral, social media marketing

  • Six written blog posts, in Spanish, regarding how to use, receive and send Dash

  • Create one video per week for the dash.red channel that promotes Dash Digital Cash in Spanish

  • Host our first meetup in Medellin, Colombia in November 2017. It will be in a style similar to Bitcuners – we will refund visitor's purchases for coffee and cake with Dash.

  • Roll out our custom captcha game which allows us to interrupt other games to show messages of interest to our users and verify they are human.

  • Visit Reno, NV in September to create YouTube videos and blog posts to promote Scott Farnsworth, the DashRacer, at the Reno Air Show.

Benefits to the Dash community.

  • Cryptocurrncy in Latin America is almost completely unknown and the few people who learn about it have no way of getting even a small amount to spend, to save, or to use for learning. The main purpose of the website is to offer anyone the opportunity to try Dash Digital Cash, and we intend to make Dash their first and best cryptocurrency experience.

  • As a gaming website, dash.red has an appeal to younger users, and we think this is a good thing. A person who learns about Dash at an early age will be more inclined to include Dash as part of his/her life.

  • For a very low cost to the Dash Community, the Dash.red website will permit us to become trusted advocates for Dash and to provide economic opportunities to others throughout the world.

  • Lower the average transaction amount and median transaction amounts on the Dash network. Currently, the very large size of the average and median transactions would indicate that Dash is still being used much more as an investment vehicle than as a form of cash. Please visit https://bitinfocharts.com/dash/ for current numbers.

  • Increase the overall number of transactions on the Dash network (currently 200 per hour)

  • Get people accustomed to thinking in dashies (100,000,000 dashies = 1 dash, 1 dashie = 1 duff)

Please visit the dash.red website and join. This will be the best way for you to understand what it can do.

Thank you,


ID: 55a0cf35c45f54fabfd6d5b650580d89ce20ddab0f2f05bf0d5b0fdb7e373334

Comments, Q&A

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dashvsvisa 3 months ago:
I love your passion for Dash. Yes, we NEED non-English recourses. Videos need to be to the point fast.
"Get people accustomed to thinking in dashies (100,000,000 dashies = 1 dash, 1 dashie = 1 duff)" - Hmmm??...I don't know that this works. Dash units are too large IMO. I don't what the solution is, as Dash won't revert Dash units to smaller ones. Thanks for your work.
dashdisciple (MN) 3 months ago:
Cool site, neat idea!