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Dash Delinquents

June 1, 2017
A TenX card that only works in Singapore? Weekly updates from Charlie Shrem? Dash ATM in Lyon, France? Robert_Azar's Dash chat?

While there may be good explanations for these seemingly delinquent proposals, the Dash masternode voters haven't heard them. Updates haven't been given as promised, deadlines have been missed, and ultimately funds have been misappropriated.

DashTreasury.org aims to reduce the delinquency rate of proposals passed by holding proposal owners to a higher standard. Instead of having to track down and extract updates out of tardy proposal owners, DashTreasury.org requests that proposal owners proactively provide updates to the Dash community.

If you are a proposal owner who hasn't yet fulfilled your obligation to the Dash treasury, or you just haven't bothered to keep the Dash community updated, do it now! Go to your proposal on this site, edit your proposal with an update, or simply respond in the comment box next to your proposal.

If you are a person who would like to contact past proposal owners to get updates, let us know. DashTreasury.org is in search of volunteers who will systematically contact past proposal owners to get updates. Collecting evidence such as traffic stats, photos, URLs, or testimonials will go a long way to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dash treasury fund. (Check out /r/DashTreasury for more discussion on this)

Budget Stats
Voting Deadline: 10 days
Payment date: Nov 2, 2017
Superblock: #764336
Approved: 18 of 29
Available: $1,981,386