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Zoo Hypothesis and Big Investors

June 18, 2017

The Zoo Hypothesis is a concept from the field of astrobiology that suggests that the reason aliens have not made contact with Earth isn't because they aren't watching, but rather that our civilization has not yet met some minimum threshold of advancement in order to qualify for their attention. The E.T.'s could be out there, but they're waiting for us to move further along before we can be invited to join whatever kind of intergalactic festivities they might have going on up there.

That's a fun thought to daydream about or debate over a campfire, but the reason I bring it up is because it makes for a very good comparison to something Dash is facing right now. Dash is doing some ground breaking things with its technology. Its advancements have been enough so far to get some very large investors to raise an eyebrow with interest. We're making progress, but we're not quite far enough along to qualify for their money. (Getting their investment will be a very good thing for everyone who holds Dash, even for those without a full masternode. If we want to see Dash on the moon, big money investment is the fully fueled Saturn V rocket that will get us there.)

The good news is, we know exactly what these investors are waiting to see. Even better, we know this not simply by conjecture, theory, or experience but because we've been in direct contact with big investors who have outlined exactly what needs to happen.

What they're looking for should be fairly obvious to anyone who's managed any kind of business in a growth industry. After paying for operational overhead (mining and masternodes), Dash has a monthly budget of over $1MM to spend on marketing and R&D. Any other business with that budget at Dash's size should be doubling its market share every month. Dash has been doing well, but we're under-performing, and it's time to turn that around. Once that happens, and assuming it happens before the competition gets too much further ahead, you'll be able to buckle your seatbelts and don the space helmets with a cryptocurrency that's earned the attention of serious investment.

We'll discuss more specifics in a series of upcoming articles, including more details on why winning big investment capital will be very good for Dash and why this needs to happen well before the release of Evolution. There are a lot of things that will need to be done to get there though, and we're going to need everyone to participate. So for now, we ask that if you have any special skills or any time to volunteer, please let us know.

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