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Proposal Updates

June 15, 2017

Our primary goal in launching this site has been to help improve the use of the Dash treasury. Part of that mission has meant calling attention to the various ways the Dash treasury has been misallocated and under utilized. The treasury should be one of Dash's greatest strengths, but through past mismanagement, new talent has been driven away and the strength this feature presents has been squandered.

One of our most controversial features on this site has been our Dash Delinquents section where we've specifically called out numerous proposal owners who have so far failed to deliver on their promises. Although our methods may have seemed aggressive to some, we come from a business background where there is no such thing as an excuse. There are reasons and there are results, but only results count. If you look at any successful company, especially in a competitive industry, you'll generally find that this is how things are run.

Since launching this site, we have been in direct contact with large Dash investors praising our efforts, individual master node owners who want to help, angry users who dislike our direct approach, competitors who feel threated by progress, and specific proposal owners who want to clear their names. What all of these communications have shown us is that even though many of us are approaching from different perspectives, we all truly want the same thing: We want Dash to succeed.

Many of the proposal owners are now hard at work to deliver frequent updates and make good on their commitments (with the exception of the Play Awards, which was just a total sham). We are extremely grateful for their contributions, their renewed diligence, and their dedication to completing their Dash projects. While we do have high expectations, and while we will remain vigilant in tracking the results of every new proposal, we have never believed that blame or punishment should supersede the ultimate goal of progress. What matters most is that we move forward together, help each other when unexpected problems arise, and work like hell to make Dash the #1 crypto-currency worldwide.

QuantumExplorer: Dev Core speaks very highly of you, and you are a tremendous asset to the Dash project. It sounds like this proposal was simply a bridge too far at a time when you've been overloaded with other tasks. Documentation is much needed (especially for the RPC's). We can help you find people to get this done.

Philadashia (NJ ATM guy): Thank you for the updates. Keep at it. Even though two-way support might be a ways off, one-way support would be an excellent start.

Charlie Shrem: Thanks for the updates on Reddit. We know it's hard getting updates out to everyone in a decentralized project. We'll cross-post your updates here.

Everyone else who's posted updates: Thank you for keeping the MNO's informed, and do keep the updates coming. Frequent updates are especially important for self-managed projects.

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